ET OSX is a list of useful tools for the MacOS X, most of which live in the Applications folder on my startup drive. It started as a 'what's on my Mac' page on my personal site but quickly evolved into a blog of its own. I'm trying to focus most on of the tiny but useful utilities that sometimes save you lots of trouble and effort, and to omit for the most part the list of big guns, that one normally uses on a daily basis. The list serves two purposes, lets me easily answer 'how do I do this on the Mac' questions asked by other users, and helps me remember answers to the same questions myself.

Chicken of the VNC

Chicken of the VNC( - best VNC client for the Mac I can think of. VNC clients allow you to connect to the screen of a remote computer running a VNC server, and somehow have become the network lazy network admin's tool of choice. Very slick interface, support Bonjour and keeps a list of all my servers with usernames and passwords. Universal application. Licensed under the GNU GPL.

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